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You Were Born
To Bloom Bold

Our AI powered web-based app BloomRadius helps you plan, track, and visualize self leadership growth in areas that are essential to thrive in the fourth industrial revolution, can be learned through life experience, and are not taught in school.

The App

Accelerate Your  Self Leadership.
Have fun cultivating skills on BloomRadius two minutes each day. Watch your Thrive Score flourish. 

Thrive in the 4th Industrial Revolution ("4IR")

BloomRadius incorporates Consequential Flowers proprietary recommendation engine "Thrive 4IR" to provide personalized suggestions for leadership development areas that are essential thrive in 4IR, can be learned through life experience, and are not taught in school.

BloomRadius blends cutting-edge technology, educational neuroscience, and leadership experience to help you accelerate leadership grow in the app and in real life. By tracking your Thrive Score, you can assess how effectively you are putting your BloomRadius leadership skills development into practice.

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How it works

BloomRadius  teaches you today what your life and career experience would have taught you by the age of 40.

Why spend 20 extra years figuring out everything on your own?

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Pick Leadership Topics to "Plant"

On BloomRadius, “planting a seed” is the action of practicing or focusing on a leadership topic area. Plant seed topics based on our proprietary recommendation engine (“Thrive 4IR") suggestions and create your own ideas.

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Source Topics from Thrive 4IR Database

Need topic ideas? Explore our proprietary database with an abundance of carefully cultivated leadership topics. Members of our community, direct partners, and online sources contribute topic ideas (“Seeds”).

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Track & Visualize  Analytics & Insights  

In addition to our Thrive 4IR model providing recommendations, we empower you with personalized data analytics and insight tools to independently plan and prioritize self-leadership focus areas.  

About Us
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Why utilize the app?

You were born to bloom BOLD and deserve to THRIVE.

We do not have the luxury of time to wait for young people to postpone self leadership growth until later in life or through decades of figuring out hard lessons alone.  We developed a more efficient, accessible, and fun method for young people to strengthen their self-leadership alongside a full-time school/career focus.


We named this new method: "bloomivate".  Bloomivate means to recognize a life-lesson or self-leadership trait through experience, plant a seed in the app, and then work to deepen your learning or practice of that seed.



“I just got an internship offer as a network engineer! I don't think I could have done it without BloomRadius. I had the skill and confidence to stay calm in interviews. Thank you!”

W.W. - technology major, third semester

“BloomRadius and Thrive Score helped me through my internship search by making me aware of the value that I can bring to a team-based setting. ”

C.W. - technology major, third semester

“I cannot thank you enough! I am so excited to start my career!”

M.P. - technology major, third semester 

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